My name is Marek Koszorek. I was born and raised in Rzeszów in Poland. Since I remember I liked the open spaces and adventure. I always wanted to see what is behind the horizon. A great influence on my life was an adventure with the boy scouts, which began in high school. There, I tried rock climbing, sailing, survival and also took my first steps in photography. After high school, I chose the University of Rzeszów. My course was, management and organization in tourism. It allowed me travel a lot in Poland and many other interesting places in Europe. In college, my desire to learn has expanded. I tried scuba diving and I got hooked. After graduation, I moved to Northern Ireland where I could continue to expand my passion..
       There is many reasons for traveling, my is photography. It is a great and powerful learning and information tool, so I'm using it to present most of what I see and share it with others. My current project is EcoProblems, with is focused on plastic wastes and rubbish ending up in pristine marine environment.
        My publications have appeared in local Northern Irish magazines. Photos on various websites as well as academic projects and tourist brochures. I continues to experiment with panoramic underwater
photography . Currently I divide my time between teaching scuba diving in Greece, and organizing tours and trips.


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